Identifying protected high-conservation water assets

What are the key environmental assets for each system?

AWR 2005 identifies rivers, wetlands, and catchments that are protected by relevant legislation. Relevant legislation is that which is designed to preserve an area's ‘naturalness' and aquatic ecosystem values. This is an initial step towards providing a national picture of systems of high conservation value that require consideration for National Water Initiative (NWI) implementation.

Key environmental assets that have been afforded relevant legislative protection have been identified and mapped. These assets are primarily wetlands, rivers, river catchments and protected terrestrial areas (for example national parks and other types of protected land use zones).

These data were also analysed and aggregated into tables and maps, with the aim of showing their number, type, distribution and extent. There two map categories provided:

  • protected wetlands, rivers and catchments
  • terrestrial protected areas such as national parks and state recreation areas

Both categories contain one national map and a map for each state and territory (nine in total).

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Last Updated 06/09/2006