Water entitlements

To ensure that water resources can be managed as a whole, the National Water Initiative (NWI) requires that consumptive uses' (use of water for private benefit consumptive purposes including irrigation, industry urban, and stock and domestic use) have a water access entitlement' (a perpetual or ongoing entitlement to exclusive access to a share of water from a specified consumptive pool as defined in the relevant water plan).

This assessment examines the extent of water extractions and uses within Australia that are currently governed by water entitlements.

A common use of water entitlements is for irrigation
A common use of water entitlements is for irrigation
Image by Arthur Mostead, sourced from the MDBC

The states and territories have indicated which surface water or groundwater uses in the surface water management area or groundwater management unit do not require an entitlement. This is useful for highlighting the types of use that are unlikely to be covered by current management plans, caps or metering programmes.

It is considered that the types of water diversion and extraction that do not require an entitlement are likely to have little (if any) information available about them and further investigation may be needed to determine their potential impacts on water management.

The level of entitlements in each state and territory is an integral product of further AWR 2005 assessments that will be released in coming months.

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